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Let hope anchor you in the possibility that this is
not the end of your story....

"Angel, saint, Devil’s spawn, good or evil, you’ve got me pinned to the wall and labeled as yours until the day I die. And if you die first, then it won’t be long before I follow.” ; Petals on the Wind, May 26, 2014

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au: hook isn’t being a super lame grumpyface

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OUaT casting calls are basically just a bat signal for LOST alumni

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a genius, yes.   a psychic, no.

allison (x) derek (x) scott (x) stiles (x)

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What breed is the cat from the pic you posted?

My cat, Elvis, is a pure breed Devon Rex :) They’re a very active and lovable breed! Mine like to talk to me a lot too!

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I had a thought this morning…(prepare yourselves)


Now please don’t throw things at me…but consider this…what if the TLK is actually a small setback for CS?

Let’s think about this…Emma’s just begun openly flirting with him, just beginning to truly open up. But her issues are still there. They’d didn’t magically go poof. She’s still the orphan girl who always gets left. She freaked out when Walsh proposed and she’d been seeing him for eight months. She hasn’t been back in Storybrooke 8 days and suddenly there’s TLKs going on? That’s a lot to take in.

Plus there’s the implications of what it means. And what Killian would expect. Emma’s not Snow. Or even Charming. She could very well kiss Killian, break his curse, and have a bloody panic attack. What does this mean? Am I ready to be in a full fledged relationship? What about Henry and his memories? What about Zelena still running around trying to kill them all? Accepting her feelings for him are one thing. Actually being in a functioning relationship is something else. The last one she had, the guy turned out to be a monkey, for Pete’s sake.

Logic and emotions…not mixy, people. Logically, the TLK would tell Emma all she needs to know. But accepting that, and what it means for her life, is, like her magic, something else entirely. It took her the better part of two episodes to truly become comfortable with her magic, once she committed to doing it.

What I’m saying is…this could be where the “I might have to stop chasing you” type comment from Killian comes from. If Emma tries to run from what the TLK means, then I can see a tiny speck of frustration (or hell, just a heads up or a joking tease) peaking through on Killian’s part. You can’t wait for life to come to you. You can’t wait for things to be perfect. If you do that, you wind up alone. We all know he’d wait until the end of time for her, but Emma doesn’t. She still has trouble believing she’s worth all that devotion, because no one’s ever done it for her before.

I can see a scenario where we get the TLK in 3.19, Emma freaking out in 3.20 while the birthing drama happens, then true acceptance in 3.21 and 3.22. Those last two are Jen’s favorite Emma episodes, what better way for that to be than for Emma to finally accept that her True Love really isn’t going anywhere and will fight by her side through…everything, even time travel shenanigans?

Basically, everyone has setbacks in their development. Killian tried to go back to being a pirate in the EF, did something he’s regretted ever since. What if this is Emma’s setback? She’s been pretty steady in her development in 3B, to the point where she’s pretty much openly flirting with Killian. But as we know, jumping from 0 to 60, really isn’t her strong suit. She made a decision to stop living in the past, which is fine when you’re just starting out with the openly flirty teenager stage. But jumping from that to an epic TLK Snowing-esque romance? VERY BIG LEAP, especially for someone like Emma.

All I’m really saying is…cautious optimism, people. This show is still a drama. And TLKs don’t magically solve all your problems. You still have to make a choice about what that TLK means and how you want to proceed.

I’m going to go hide from flying fruit now.

I very much agree with you on everything you’ve said… No tomatoes in hand here! ;) It needed to be said… as some fans can be a little too optimistic when it comes to the expanse and capabilities of Emma Swans feelings. I don’t think Emma will leap into his arms and declare her undying love for him after they kiss. In fact,  think she might even go as far as to to deny it to keep herself sane. As you said, she’s only just getting used to the idea of her own magic and being back in this whirlwind of fairytale life and danger… So, that determination to go back to NY (which A&E say is an important factor for CS) is even stronger now that she’s had a taste of a normal life. That’s why I think that she may freak out for the next few episodes after TLK (if it happens. We are still speaking theoretically here), because it will imply that she’s making the wrong decision, that she could find a perfectly good home in Killian. Which will leave her quite torn for a while. Then, somewhere in 3x21 or 3x22, something big will happen. of which that will be the turning point for Emma & she will finally accept that home is wherever Killian is.

The theme of this season is HOME & Emmas biggest problem is accepting her home is with her parents and Killian.

Season themes are usually resolved in a number of ways, in different characters or metaphorically. I believe will be Emma’s “home” resolution.

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"Hug a tree. Enjoy the barky sensation"

Okay Tumblr


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*Dramatically plays ‘Reflection’ from Mulan in the background*

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“Go on, Captain. Kiss the girl.”

The witch’s voice is light and teasing, like a child inviting another to play games, despite the dagger she holds to Henry’s neck – Emma’s eyebrows shoot up with the underlying meaning behind the words Killian is missing. Not that he care about it, not when Henry is in danger, eyes wide and scared and so very much like Bae’s that Killian can only focus on his own anger, on how he would like to kill that horrible woman once and for all.

He looks back to Emma – eyes as scared as her son’s, as angry as his – and steps back with a shake of the head when she moves forwards. The lad is in danger but he cannot let her sacrifice herself. Not when there must be other ways to save her son, not when her magic is so vital to get rid of the witch.

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Frozen; colour palette (insp)

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Once Upon “A Family Show”

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Maybe I don’t need answers. Maybe I just need to punch you in the face

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I’m having an internal freak out at the fact that Adam and Eddy only plan to do five seasons of OUAT…

Why, you ask? Because they have this two section method going and we’ll be getting the first half of Season 4 most probably in October 2014 - January 2015 then part B will be March 2015 - May 2015 then Season 5 will be October 2015 - January 2016 and then the last half of the show will be in March 2016 - May 2016 and that only gives us like TWO YEARS IN TOTAL!!!

I’d also like to complain as to WHY we would have FIVE SEASONS!? That is an uneven number and it is making me feel nauseous! Can’t we go for 6 or 8?

I honestly don’t think I could survive life without this show. I might die when it ends.

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